Who I Am

Who I Am

35-year-old nurse.

Wife to Matt.

Recovering gypsy.

Aspiring personal finance extraordinaire and real estate mogul.

I spent my 20’s happily avoiding what seemed to me a highly uninspiring typical American life. I spent 5 ½ months hiking the Appalachian Trail. I worked on a cruise ship in Mexico. I led budget van tours around the United States and Canada. I lived in a trailer in Montana and worked on an organic vegetable farm. I hitch-hiked across Alaska. I went to India and Nepal for 13 months and then took a cargo ship across the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t really understand why other people my age were buying cars, getting dogs and working 50 weeks a year.

Me in India, 2009.

For awhile I hoped to be a vagabond forever. But after awhile I started wanting more stability and a more meaningful career. I entered my 30’s and became a nurse. Matt and I got married. I started to see the value in some of the things I’d previously shunned. Now I appreciate things like health insurance and employer matches on 401ks. I think about grad school and mortgages. At the same time, I want to be able to keep having adventures and satisfying my wanderlust.

Beetsandlilacs was founded on the simple premise that I do not want to work full time until the age of 65. Society expects this from us but we should demand our time back. I love nursing but I want to balance this out with other pursuits that are important to me. These include traveling, volunteering and my family. I love food and having the time to cook and grow it myself. I also love learning, reading, running, hiking, camping and yoga.

Matt and I taking a break in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Matt is a woodworker and is amazingly handy. We have no background in money or finances. Neither of us has a job that can be easily done remotely. We are not high earners. Our plan is to save money and pursue other sources of income so that we can work less and create the life we want.

Why beets and lilacs? Simply put, these are two things that I love. While I do consider this a financial blog, it is really more of a lifestyle blog. It is about pursuing the things that you love and that make you most happy. This blog is about money but it is also about the things you can do with money. Good money and investment choices allow you to pursue your passions.

Save money, go to Nicaragua for 2 months.

Why blog?  I love the personal finance blog community and the ideas and support that come from it. I want to develop new skills, write more and take more (and better) photos. All the photos on this site are mine (with the exception of a few that I stole from Matt). I am not a great photographer but I enjoy it.  This blog is personal so I figured the photos would be too.

Blogging also makes me hold myself accountable for learning more about investing and making smarter financial decisions. And I want to share our journey and inspire other people to not work all the time and instead do what they love.

Thank you for reading!